Department Of Nursing Mission

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Western  Governors  Department  of  Nursing  Mission

Improve  quality;  expand  access  to  postsecondary   educational  opportunities  by  providing  a  means  for   individuals  to  learn,  independent  of  time  or  place,  and   to  earn  competency-­‐based  degrees  and  other   credentials  that  are  credible  to  both  academic   institutions  and  employer.

The  mission  of  the  Department  of  Nursing  is  to  make  a  positive   difference  in  the  lives  of  our  students  and  the  practice  of  nursing,   primarily  through  a  professionally  supported,  competency-­‐based   and  personalized  student-­‐focused  learning  model  that  assists   working  adults  achieve  success  in  educational  goals  and  a   sustained  professional  commitment.    The  Department  of  Nursing   is  committed  to  the  formation  of  confident,  caring,  and  competent   professional  nurses  prepared  to  meet  emerging  healthcare  needs   of  diverse  populations.


University  Goals  Congruent  with  Department  of  Nursing  Goals

Western  Governors  University  Goals

Western  Governors  Department  of  Nursing  Goals

• Provision  of  competency-­‐based  programs   • Adherence  to  a  student-­‐centric  model   • Use  of  technology  to  improve  quality  and

efficiency   • Use  of  external  learning  resources,  combined

with  mentoring  and  progress  management;     • Adherence  to  an  executive  governance  structure   • Oversight  by  external  Councils

• Competency-­‐based  bachelor’s  and  master’s  degree   programs  that  allow  nurses  to  demonstrate  their   professional  knowledge  and  skills

• Broad  access  to  education  for  nurses  where  they  live  and   work

• Professional  preparation  for  new  nursing  practice  roles  and   additional  education



Revised  2013


WGU  Department  of  Nursing  Philosophy

We  envision  nursing  as  a  caring  interaction  between  the  nurse,  who  is  a  member  of  an  interdisciplinary  team,  and  the  patient   who  is  a  member  of  a  family  and  community.  This  caring  interaction  occurs  across  the  lifespan,  from  infancy  through  old  age.   Nurses  identify  and  strengthen  clients’  potential  to  move  toward  health  and  help  clients  shape  their  environment  to  promote   well-­‐being.  We  believe  that  healthcare  begins  in  the  community,  prior  to  diagnosis  of  illness,  by  promoting  health  and   wellness  through  advocacy,  community  assessment,  and  preventative  care.  Nurses  use  appropriate  technologies  and  current   evidence  to  develop  their  plans  of  care,  whether  in  the  community,  the  clinic,  an  acute  care  facility,  or  an  extended  care   facility.  Nurses  assume  leadership  for  clinical  and  ethical  decision-­‐making.     We  believe  that  the  global  nature  of  communities  and  healthcare  delivery  necessitates  that  nurses  be  able  to  engage  with   patients,  families,  and  communities  who  have  diverse  ways  of  responding  to  their  healthcare  needs.  We  recognize  that  the   definition  of  family  has  expanded  to  include  a  variety  of  different  compositions  and  roles  and  is  the  fundamental  vehicle  for   how  clients  are  supported,  interact  with  the  world  around  them,  access  resources,  and  engage  in  healthcare.     We  recognize  that  students,  particularly  adult  learners,  have  preferred  learning  styles,  bring  previous  experience  to  the   learning  environment,  and  develop  competency  at  different  paces.  Learners  seek  to  make  sense  of  new  educational   experiences  in  light  of  their  past  and  existing  knowledge  and  then  apply  their  new  findings  to  real  situations.  Therefore,   nursing  education  should  provide  opportunities  where  students  engage  in  real  world  application  to  demonstrate  competency   in  cognitive  knowledge,  clinical  reasoning,  and  ethical  comportment.


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