final exam

The exam is an open-book exam. Students are allowed to consult notes, texts, or other resources while they are doing their exam. Both for the terms (part I) and the essay (part II), references are needed. Students must insert the author name only, no quotation is needed. PART I: TERMS (10 FOR EACH TERM, 50 MARKS TOTAL) NOTE: 12 out of the following 18 terms will appear on the final exam. You will write on 5 terms, one paragraph for each (10 marks each term). Each paragraph should be between 90 and 120 words. Instructions: Using at least one of the course readings, define the following terms or concepts discussed in the course and explain their meaning and significance in relation to a social issue of importance to the study of business and society. Use a creative reading or scene from a film, in addition to the social scientific text, if you want to provide illustrations of the concepts. Society Enclosures Capitalism Market Commodification Legal Personhood Limited Liability Planned obsolescence Internal division of Labour Regulation Neoliberalism Globalization Global governance Sexual division of labour Social reproduction Climate justice Degrowth Commons PART II: ONE ESSAY (50 MARKS TOTAL) Note: Two of the following three essay topics will appear on the final test. You will write on one. Instructions: For each answer, provide references from at least two different readings (each chapter of the book accounts for one reading). You will need to begin your essays with a proper introduction, including a thesis statement. Pay specific attention to identifying and defining central concepts, and provide illustrations from the lectures, tutorial, and films. The length of the essay is between 450 words and 600 words. 1. Using the concept of corporate personhood and corporate power, discuss the history of the corporate form before and since globalization. Elaborate on how civil society challenges this power and puts forward alternatives to it. 2. Discuss the differences between traditional, modern and postmodern societies in terms of family organization and the sexual division of labour. Explain how social reproduction activities are integrated into, or separated from, capitalist production. 3. Discuss the issue of climate change, and how businesses are both contributing to the ecological crisis while providing market-based solutions.


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