Complete a three-to-five page essay (1500 words)

Americn Factory : https://91mjw.tv/vplay/MTk5MjcxOS0yLTA=.html

You should write using at least one of the three prompts (Ethical Dilemmas, Cross-Cultural Issues, and Becoming a Multinational) included in these instructions.

First Prompt, Ethical Dilemmas: Think primarily about the ethical dilemmas (text, Ch. 5) faced by the business people encountered in the documentary American Factory.

Specifically, discuss in your essay:

· What ethical dilemmas do the various “working people” in the documentary encounter (whether on the job or off)?

· Give advice on how these people could or should resolve these dilemmas. (For instance, are some of these dilemmas more solvable than others?)

One approach you might take in this essay is to address the perspectives of specific individuals, or individual members of these groups (whether we see them being filmed in Ohio and/or in China):

· the Chinese owner of the factory,

· the Chinese managers,

· the American managers,

· the American workers, and

· the Chinese workers.

Note that not everyone shown in the documentary is well identified by name or even by role or title (hint: as a viewer, you sometimes know who is in management, and sometimes you don’t), so you may need to talk about certain people as we see them in a certain scene, or when they appear after so many minutes from the opening scene in the documentary. Be as clear as you can in your essay about who you are referring to so the reader knows who or what you are referring to).

Second Prompt, Cross-Cultural Issues: Focus on the same five groups of working people listed above, but now frame your discussion in terms of improving understanding and communications across cultural boundaries. What could or should the working people seen in this documentary do to improve in these areas? (Again, focus on specific individuals or situations if it helps you explain your point) The text (Ch. 4, 5, 14, 15, 19) may offer some guidance.

Third Prompt, Becoming a Multinational: The creation of Fuyao Glass America can be seen as the first steps in the internationalization of Chairman Cao’s company, Fuyao Glass. Previously, all of their operations and employees were based in China. Let’s assume the Dayton plant is the first step in the internationalization process of Fuyao. What else could or should Chairman Cao and his managers do to make their greenfield operation in Dayton, Ohio more successful? What else can Fuyao do to make itself more of a mulltinational company, and not merely a Chinese company? See text Ch. 13-16 and Ch. 19 for guidance.


Use 1.5 spacing and Arial 10 font. Spell check and grammar check as you normally would for any scholarly paper.

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