Mid Term 220

Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 1 of 9 MGT220. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (MGT220) > TAKE ASSESSMENT: MIDTERM EXAM Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Name Midterm Exam Instructions Always pick the single best answer. Blank answers will be scored as incorrect. Multiple Attempts This Test allows 2 attempts. This is attempt number 1. Force Completion This Test can be saved and resumed later. Question Completion Status: Question 1 2 points Sellers generally benefit from e-auctions due to the opportunity to bargain for lower prices. Save True False Question 2 2 points Nokia has entered the mobile gaming world.
It markets near-distance multiplayer gaming over __________ and wide-area gaming over __________ networks. Save A. cellular; local area B. Bluetooth; cellular C. GPS; wide area D. WiMax; analog E. Question 3 2 points Using wireless technologies, one can create applications that are not available with wireline systems. Save True False Question 4 2 points Save 2 points In general, which of the following is true about the transmission of confidential and personal information between an RFID reader and a back-end database protect? Save Blogs, mashups, instant messaging, and wikis are examples of A. avatars B. social computing C. virtual worlds
D. wireless communications Question 5 http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 2 of 9 A. Those transmissions are sent over secure networks to keep the information secure. B. Information sent via those transmissions is protected using encryption. C. RFID tags do not yet contain confidential or personal information. D. Firewalls are used to protect information in transit. Question 6 2 points Remote administration Trojans (RATs) are a class of backdoors that are extremely dangerous because they enable remote control over the infected machine.

Save True False Question 7 2 points Save 2 points A(n) __________ is an analysis of the benefits of using a specific business model. Save Productivity in an enterprise can be measured in terms of: A. the amount of input per amount of time B. the ratio of the amount of output to the amount of input C. the number of units produced D. market share Question 8 A. core competency B. exchange C. RFQ D. value proposition Question 9 2 points A valuable property of e-tailing is the ability to offer customized products and services to individual customers at a reasonable price and quickly. Save True False Question 10 2 points
With two-factor authentication, two types of information are used to verify the user’s identity, such as passwords and botnets. Save True False Question 11 2 points One of the worst and most prevalent crimes is identity theft, which has been made worse by widespread electronic sharing and databases. http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… Save 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 3 of 9 True False Question 12 2 points Directories and hyperlinks from other Web sites and intelligent search agents help buyers find the best stores and products to match their needs
Save True False Question 13 2 points _________ percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss die within five years, according to Freeman Mendel, the chair of the FBI’s 2006 Infragard National Conference. Save A. 7 B. 23 C. 57 D. 93 Question 14 2 points A risk associated with tools that are meant to improve the productivity and quality of life in general is that they can lead to abuses such as intruding on an employee’s or manager’s personal time. Save True False Question 15 2 points Responsibility for internal control and compliance with information security olicies rests directly on end-users. Save True False Question 16 2 points Packet technologies convert voice, video, and data into packets that can be transmitted together over a single, high-speed network eliminating the need for separate networks. Save True False Question 17 2 points Advances in converged networks, SIP, and tools have eliminated the barriers to full integration and interoperability. Save True http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 4 of 9 False Question 18 2 points
The software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach is based on the trend for developing applications in-house rather than buying them. Save True False Question 19 2 points A(n) __________ is a method of doing business by which a company can generate revenue to sustain itself. Save A. adaptive strategy B. business model C. electronic commerce Web site D. operations model Question 20 2 points According to the market intelligence firm IDC, organizations with a 1,000 or more knowledge workers lose over $5 million annually because of: Save A. time wasted by employees reformatting data as they move among applications.
B. data that is out of context or outdated. C. the inability of knowledge workers to share data with others working on the same project. D. the inability to synchronize data. Question 21 2 points One example of an integrated messaging system is __________, which combines wireless communications, vehicle monitoring systems, and vehicle location devices. Save A. collaborative commerce B. supply chain management C. voice portal D. wireless telemetry Question 22 2 points Which of the following is not accurate regarding businesses that collect data about employees or customers? Save
A. The data must be available to auditors. B. Businesses have a legal duty to protect this data. C. The data should be accessible only to authorized people. D. Securing the data from abuse by authorized parties is expensive and difficult. Question 23 2 points http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… Save 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 5 of 9 An example of a mobile enterprise application is sales force automation (SFA), which enables sales force employees to type orders straight into an ERP while at a client’s site.
Benefits include a reduction in clerical mistakes and improved supply chain operations. True False Question 24 2 points Save 2 points Information systems can be organized according to organizational hierarchy (e. g. , departmental, enterprisewide, and interorganizational) or by the nature of supported task (e. g. , operational, managerial, and strategic). Save Web 1. 0 was basically organized around each of the following except: A. corporations B. media C. software D. technology Question 25 True False Question 26 2 points Save 2 points Several banks in Japan issued __________ cards to customers.
These cards store a template of the person’s palm vein to authenticate the customer’s identity when withdrawing money. Save The ________ suite is the standard used with almost any network service. A. Internet protocol B. Transport Control Protocol C. User Datagram Protocol D. Voice over IP Question 27 A. smart B. RFID C. ATM D. adaptive Question 28 2 points Save Which is the first step in the process of managing business performance? A. Determine how to attain the performance levels. http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam
Page 6 of 9 B. Assess where the organization stands with respect to its goals, objectives, and measures. C. Decide on desired performance levels. D. Set the budget for achieving performance or goals. Question 29 2 points Microsoft releases _________ to update and patch vulnerabilities in its operating systems, including Vista, and other software products, including Office 2007. Save A. firewalls B. podcasts C. service packs D. workbooks Question 30 2 points Reasons why managers may not be able to trust their data include all of the following except: Save A. Data are too synchronized. B. Data are out of context.
C. Data are outdated. D. Data are so overwhelming that they require weeks to analyze. Question 31 2 points A computer system essentially organizes data into a hierarchy that begins with bits and proceeds to bytes, fields, files, databases, and records. Save True False Question 32 2 points Save Databases are the optimal way to store and access organizational data. True False Question 33 2 points Social network analysis (SNA) is the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows between people or groups. Nodes in the network are the people or groups, while the links show relationships or flows between the nodes.
Save True False Question 34 2 points Save What is significant about 4G networks? http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 7 of 9 A. 4G has a circuit switched subsystem B. 4G is based purely on the Internet Protocol (IP) C. 4G is the convergence of the features of 2G and 3G D. All of the above Question 35 2 points Save All of the following correctly define the networking technology except: A. WAP is an Internet protocol developed for transferring information on the Internet to and from wireless clients. B.
EV-DO is fast wireless broadband access that runs in a Wi-Fi hotspot. C. Instant messaging has become a mission-critical collaboration tool for over 130 million workers in businesses of all sizes. D. Bluetooth is how mobile phones, mobile and fixed computers, and PDAs can be easily interconnected using a short-range RF wireless connection. Question 36 2 points A supply chain is the flow of materials, information, money, and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customers. Save True False Question 37 2 points A(n) antivirus software is a technology that checks Internet packets sent to nd from a network and enforces access-control policies between networks. Save True False Question 38 2 points The virtual elimination of software-upgrade cycles makes applications perpetual worksin-progress and allows rapid prototyping using the Web as a platform. Save True False Question 39 2 points When dealing with consumer-facing applications, such as online banking and ecommerce, strong authentication must be balanced with ________. Save A. costs B. convenience C. privacy risks D. war driving risks Question 40 2 points Save A wiki is all of the following except: http://coursesite. mtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 8 of 9 A. a software program B. a discovery tool C. a collaboration site D. a search engine Question 41 2 points Data warehouses are designed as online analytical processing (OLAP) systems, meaning that the data can be queried and analyzed much more efficiently than application databases. Save True False Question 42 2 points Save 2 points Fraud detection is too complex to be handled effectively by intelligent analysis engines using advanced data warehousing. Save
What is the technology that enables Internet browsing from wireless devices? A. WAP B. EMS C. WiMax D. WLAN Question 43 True False Question 44 2 points Which of the following factors is not a major type of business pressure on enterprises? Save A. Homogenous workforce B. Powerful customers C. Regulatory compliance D. Terrorist attacks and homeland security Question 45 2 points ___________ support functional managers by providing them with periodic reports, such as weekly sales volume and comparisons of actual expenses to budgeted expenses. Save A. Personal information managements
B. Transaction processing systems C. Management information systems D. Enterprise systems http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… 9/25/2012 Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Question 46 Page 9 of 9 2 points Mary Kay transformed itself from traditional modes of operation to a business model that enabled rapid growth into new markets by doing all of the following except: Save A. networking various applications so they communicate with each other B. using business service management to connect to consultants. C. sing social computing for marketing D. outsourcing its IT infrastructure Question 47 2 points M-commerce B2C applications are concentrated in three major areas, which include each of the following except: Save A. retail shopping for products and services B. advertising C. mobile portals D. selling digitized content such as music, movies, or games Question 48 2 points Save Data redundancy wastes physical storage media, makes it difficult to obtain a comprehensive view of customers, and increases the costs of entering and maintaining the data. True False Question 49 2 points
At a strategic level, the totality of a company’s data resources is nearly irreplaceable. Yet data at this macro-level remains largely overlooked by corporate leadership. Save True False Question 50 2 points Save Why is auditing a Web site important from the perspective of risk? A. It is a good preventive measure to manage legal risk. B. It is a key part of disaster recovery. C. To insure that biometrics were implemented properly. D. It is a necessary corrective action. http://coursesite. umtweb. edu/webapps/assessment/take/launch. jsp? course_assessment_id=… 9/25/2012

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