Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii and Tourism “Hawaii is like no other place on earth” (Goshawks). Hawaii attracts many tourists per year because of Its history, geography, and entertainment This state is known for its many islands, volcanoes, and climate as well. When I think about Hawaii all imagine is standing on the beach overlooking the ocean getting hit with the nice warm breeze hearing laughter and seeing smiles. Since “Hawaii Is one of the most isolated places on Earth” It makes vacationing there completely stress and worry free, because you are far away from home and nothing n your mind but having a great vacation (Inner p. ). The state was founded by the Polynesians and it was also named by them. The word Hawaii in the Polynesian language meaner “Homeland” (Wisped). Having a name with such a powerful meaning says a lot about the state. I think It shows that anyone could look to Hawaii as their own homeland. Hawaii’s communication with Europe started when it was founded by two British Explorers (Wisped). James Cook and captain clerk were suppose to be searching for the Northwest Passage, and discovered the Hawaiian Islands on January 18, 1778 They then spent the majority of he year searching for the Northwest Passage.
When Cook had no luck, he abandoned his search and turned their ship south towards the islands. Cook and Clerk arrived in Hawaii between November of 1778 and January 1779 where they landed at Keelhaul Bay. Awaiting their arrival were thousands of excited natives. When Cook decided to leave the newly found island he found that the natives had stolen one of his ships. Cook proceeded to leave, however a few days later returned with marines to take the king hostage. The king had no objections to abandoning his Island and ongoing with Cook and the marines, however the fellow natives tried convincing the king not to go.
The attitudes of everyone quickly changed when word that a chief had been killed, not far up the Island. “The natives attacked and the marines fired back with guns and bayonets. The battle only lasted a few minutes but when it was over, Cook lay dead on the beach” (south-pole). Since the Europeans had now discovered the Islands It progressively grew until It became the fiftieth state to Join the U. S. “Hawaii’s tourism industry officially began in 1927. That year. The first luxury passenger ship, the S. S. Mallow, began voyages between San Francisco and the Islands” (En p. 34).

With the new ship making voyages It brought great new revenue to the islands. However, the world changed forever when the Japanese bombed the U. S. Navy that was stationed In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th 1941. This attack made Americans weary tot the Japanese and soon the Japanese were singled out; to show how loyal they were to America they signed up to fight in World War II (Inner p. 3536). Things finally started looking up for Hawaii; on August 21, 1959 It was announced that Hawaii was now a part tot the united States tot America. The tourism coming into Hawaii was finally picking back up too (Inner p. 36).
The amount of tourism Hawaii sees Is constantly rising. As of September 2012 Hawaii has had 583,363 total visitors. Exactly one year ago in September tot 2011 Hawaii only and 553,187 total visitors, that’s a 5. 5% change over one year (Hawaii Tourism Authority). Many tourists go to Hawaii Just because of the history of the islands, however many go for the geography as well. “There are six major islands to visit in Hawaii: Kuaka, AAU, Monomial, Lana’, Mama, and Hawaii Island” (Goshawks). No matter which of the six ajar islands you are on; the weather is the roughly the same with very little changes throughout the year.
The fact that “tourists are attracted by Hawaii’s pleasant, sunny climate” makes Hawaii such a desirable place to vacation (Inner p. 13). Hawaii only has two seasons all year long summer, which ranges from May to October, and winter, which ranges from November to April. The temperatures in the summer range from a low of OFF to a high of OFF; in the winter the temperatures range from a low of OFF to a high of OFF (Goshawks). Many people think of the islands as Just an island, but they are not. The Hawaiian Islands are really tops of volcanic mountains. The Hawaiian islands were created when boiling lava surged upward through almost 2,000 miles of cracks in the floor of the Pacific Ocean” (Inner p. 8). When the hot lava met the mildly cold water it became hard. As the years progressed this happened more and more eventually causing it to appear above the water as an active volcanic island. It took many years for the Hawaiian Islands to actually get carved out into what it is today (Inner p. 8-9). Kuaka is one of the prettiest islands to visit from Hawaii. It is one of the top five largest islands to see and it will take your breath away.
This island is used to film movies that have major Jungles and beautiful beaches. Also this island is full of beautiful coconut trees (Inner p. 55). AAU is the closest island to Kuaka and is the home of Pearl Harbor. This island is known for its pineapples and coffee fields (Inner p. 56-57). This island is also home to the “Triple Crown of Surfing competition” which is held on the “beaches of Williwaw, Waianae Bay, Sunsets, Chukka, and other world-famous North Shore beaches” (Inner p. 57). This island is mostly sited to see the historical attributes that is offered here.
Monomial is the second closest island to Kuaka and is shaped like a shoe. This island is the fifth largest island in Hawaii (Inner p. 59). This island is the best island out of them all to have a lazy vacation. It is a “great place to go snorkeling or swimming or to enjoy a sightseeing tour, complete with the African wildlife” (Inner p. 60). The people that reside on this island are never in a hurry to do anything and are some of the nicest people you would ever meet (Inner p. 60). Lanai is the most self contained island of them all. It is the best island to go for peace and quiet.
The island only has two hotels and hardly anywhere to shop. This island only attracts tourists that want beautiful clear water and to see the beauty of the island. This island is best suited for big city tourists (Inner . 60). The island Mama is “actually two inactive volcanoes connected by an isthmus, or strip of land” (Inner p. 62). This island is perfect for tourists visit so they can see volcanoes. Also, this island has the best tour to see a whale shooting water out of its blowhole, which is absolutely an unforgettable sight (Inner p. 64). The last major island to visit is Hawaii itself.
This is the island that gave the state its name. This island is the largest of them all in fact “Hawaii is twice as big as the other islands added together” (Inner p. 64). This island is home to several volcanoes, including the most active one in the entire world, Killable. Watching this volcano erupt is absolutely breathtaking, but it is extremely dangerous. It has completely engulfed over two hundred homes and covered several beaches. The only g detect the volcanic eruptions have to this island is the fact that it is growing. “Its lava flows have added almost 600 acres of new land to the island’s coast since 1983” (Inner p. 5). This island in my opinion would be the best island to visit due to the fact it is the most breath taking island because of its scenery. I have never been to Hawaii but from the pictures I have seen I’m sure it is absolutely gorgeous. The last reason I feel Hawaii is such a great tourist spot is the entertainment and the enthusiasm of the state. Hawaii is home to the Luau and the Hula dance. Americans have parties with a Luau theme all the time. Luaus are “traditional native Hawaiian feasts” that are “held in nor of graduations, weddings, or a baby’s first birthday’ (Inner p. 7). The luau is now used as a theme for all kinds of parties whether it is a birthday or Just a get together. Americans have also adapted the “flower garlands, called leis” (Inner p. 4). The leis are the number one symbol that is best known in Hawaii (McCain p. 88). Whether you are in Hawaii or any state, when you see leis it automatically brings Hawaii to your mind. I see them garlands hanging on rear view mirrors in vehicles all the time. I also see this at the luau theme based parties. When tourists visit Hawaii here is always a Luau going on because it is such a popular event.
Another popular event for tourists to learn and experience while at the Luau is the Hula. The Hula dance was used during religious gatherings. “Both men and women learned to dance, but only men performed in the temples” (McCain p. 89). The dance is mostly made up of hip and hand movements, which make up the words of the song that is being played while the dance is performed. Many people still practice and study the Hawaiian culture and are always creating different ways to act out the symbols of the state (McCain p. 89-90). I know when I see someone on TV doing the Hula dance it brings the great state of Hawaii to mind.
In conclusion, the history, geography, and entertainment of Hawaii are what attract tourists to this state. The fact that the climate is always the same and that there is so much history to learn from the islands. While also gaining new ways to entertain is what makes this state amazing. From doing this research on the state has Just made me want to visit the islands even more then I did before. It has made me believe that Hawaii is the best vacation spot, no matter what time of the year. Works Cited Hawaii’s Official Tourism Site. Hawaii’s Official Tourism Site, 2012.

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