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Project 1: LASA 2: Evaluation of a Persona

For this task, you’ll have an opportunity to place into follow all you may have been studying all through this course. You’ll analyze the persona growth of one of many theorists studied on this course from three completely different theoretical views.

Select one of many theorists you may have studied this time period. Use your textbook, the Web, and the Argosy College on-line library assets to analysis the life historical past of the theorist.

Do the next:

  1. Describe the foremost life occasions of the theorist that you simply really feel influenced his or her persona growth.
  2. Describe the cultural influences that had an affect on the chosen theorist’s persona growth.
  3. Analyze this individual from Freud’s psychoanalytic perspective.
  4. Analyze this individual from two different theoretical views studied on this course, aside from the trait perspective.
  5. Summarize and current your crucial opinion about how effectively (or not) these theories clarify the individual.

Write a 5–7-page paper in Phrase format. Apply APA requirements to quotation of sources. Use the next file naming conference: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.doc.

By Saturday, Could three, 2014, ship your task to the M5: Project 1 Dropbox.

Course Undertaking Grading Standards and Rubric

Project 1 Grading Standards

Most Factors

Description of influential life occasions that formed the theorist’s persona growth.
(Course Goal [CO2])


Description of cultural influences on the theorist’s growth


Evaluation of theorist utilizing Freud’s psychoanalytic perspective


Evaluation of theorist from two different theoretical views


Evaluates how effectively these theories clarify the individual
(CO 2)


Presentation Elements:
Group (16)
Utilization and Mechanics (16)
APA Components (24)
Model (eight)




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