List of human feelings and emotions DQ

List of human feelings and emotions DQ
List of human feelings and emotions DQ

You will be interviewing multiple individuals during this course. This week, choose at least 1 partner to practice effective communication response skills.

You can communicate understanding using the following formula in your responses: “You feel…because…” For example, when responding to an employee’s core emotion you may say, “You feel angry because your hours were cut.”

Use 15–20 emotions that you feel you can identify as common emotions from thisWeb site.
With a partner (face-to-face if possible) practice the “You feel…because…” formula using your list of emotions.
To do this, 1 partner should attempt to mimic an emotion from the list, and the other should try to identify it.
If you cannot find a partner, you may use the Web site’s examples to complete your assignment.
In an APA-style paper of 800–1,000 words, report both your list of emotions examined, the reason certain emotions were chosen, and report your experience using the formula during practice. Also, report any errors in emotion identification that occurred during practice.

Please submit your assignment.


List of human feelings and emotions: Human. (n.d.). Retrieved from Hiox Scraps Web site:

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