As many corporate leaders have learned over the past two years

As many corporate leaders have learned over the past two years, the COVID-19 crisis forever alters the way businesses are run yet it also creates opportunities for growth that many feel ill-equipped to pursue. Industries such as health supplies, remote work and education platforms, food and beverages, household furnishings and cleaning, delivery services, animal adoption, to name a few, have been thriving during the pandemic. In addition, new business emerge in every corner of the web. Many of these established firms and start-up ventures realise that innovation is vital to their survival and success.

In this assignment, write an in-depth analysis in 1,500 words of Innovation in a Crisis. Critically analyse specific example(s) of innovative practice/process/product/service/system from the leadership angle. That is, what is the role of the top leaders in coming up with the creative idea, how do they brainstorm, decide, disseminate, and execute the idea, what are some early signs of success (or failure), what the leaders could have done better. This can range from turning the company into a fully remote/virtual mode to creating ‘Melbourne Money” policy to attract people to the city, to

You may choose to focus on how the leaders build a cross-organisational teams comprising of people with relevant talents from various departments in order to bring an idea from conception to market. You may choose on how the leaders build an innovative and entrepreneurial culture of rapid learning cycle and experimentation.

Importantly, you need to use a theory/concepts to shed light on the issue you focus on. To complete this assignment to a high standard you need to research the peer-reviewed literature extensively, using at least 15 journal articles to support your arguments. The following journals are particularly recommended, e.g., Leadership Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, and Journal of Applied Psychology. It goes without saying that you will need to read more broadly than the readings suggested in the Unit Guide if you wish to get the most out of this assignment. You should begin this assignment immediately.

Finally, you need to reflect and draw some lessons on how leaders lead for innovation in a crisis and apply it to your own leadership learning. Consider questions such as: What are some leadership mindset or competencies that you ought to learn? What are some things I can practically apply today?

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