asynchronous online discussion

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asynchronous online discussion

asynchronous online discussion


literature review about student engagement and asynchronous online discussion

I’ve attached the instructions and marking scheme. Reference style is Harvard and this paper will be submitted through Turnitin plagiarism detection. We are not allowed to cite more than 10-12% from one source. the number of references is 22 and should be recently published not older than 9 years unless there is a reason like a seminal paper. I would like to include these factors that affect student engagement on online discussion such as; instructor participation, peer/instructor feedback, study time, student afraid of being wrong and English language as a second language and the accessibility of online discussion. Using Endnote software is compulsory and the reference style is Harvard and the Auther should write the method that has been used to select the articles like the keywords and the databases has been used and the criteria of selecting the articles.

Task: Complete a critical review of literature on the topic of your research using at least 20 publications (peer reviewed).

You will provide a critical analysis of the existing body of knowledge on the problem or issue you have chosen to explore in your research study, identifying the problems, limitations or deficiencies that justify the rationale for further investigation of the topic. Your literature review will indicate what is already known about the topic and what is yet to be explored by providing a balanced discussion and evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses and notable features of the literature reviewed. You are to present your literature review under subheadings to indicate the content of the subsections, and everything included in your literature review must be relevant to your research topic.

Your literature review must not exceed 3,500 words as measured by the standard word count available in Word. The word count starts at the beginning of the first page and ends on the last word of the last page (it automatically includes any footnotes or Endnotes). It excludes the preliminary pages, references and any appendices.

It is essential that you use Endnote for referencing throughout your literature review to avoid accusations of plagiarism and to demonstrate the extent of your reading of high quality publications.1 You will need to include citations in the text to acknowledge the source of quotations, tables and figures, statistics, theories, ideas or other information that represent other people’s opinions and contribution to knowledge. You will use the Harvard Referencing System to provide a list of references at the end of your report.

Structure – Present your literature review including an introduction, a method for identifying and selecting the literature reviewed (small paragraph 3-4 lines),  a body (with appropriate sub-heading) and a conclusion like most other writings you do.

Marking scheme

  • Introduction (5): An accurate statement of the topic is provided and key terms are defined with relevant citations. An overview of the themes, arguments and issues to be discussed is presented.
  • Method and Quality of Reading (5): A clear method for identifying, screening and selecting the literature reviewed is presented. Majority of the literature has been drawn from academic publications
  • Critical Analysis (15): Your review is a critical analysis of previous research and other relevant academic/business literature on the topic of your research. Logical flow and development of ideas. Synthesis and critical analysis is underpinned by appropriate literature; use of relevant theories, concepts and frameworks to support analysis; own input, insight and interpretation.
  • Conclusion (5): You will conclude your literature review by stating the problems and deficiencies in the extant literature/theory leading to your main research question(s). Your literature analysis seamlessly flows on to your research questions/hypothesis/propositions.

Presentation and Referencing (5): Clarity of structure, quality of presentation, style and readability. Appropriate citation of sources and evidence used; use of Harvard referencing and citation style. (Use of Endnote). literature review about student engagement and asynchronous online discussion

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