Discussion: Pulmonary congestion

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Discussion: Pulmonary congestion

Discussion: Pulmonary congestion



Backward effects of left-sided heart failure include:

A.    Pulmonary congestion

B.     Jugular vein distention

C.     Dependent edema in the legs

D.    Bounding pulses



In performing a physical assessment, the nurse notes the patient has a “barrel” configuration to the chest. This is a consequence of:

A.    Reduced intrapleural pressures

B.     Bronchial airway expansion

C.     Increased vital capacity

D.    Increased residual lung volume



Ausculation of the chest reveals bilateral fine crackles in the bases bilaterally, indicating:

A.    Right-sided heart failure

B.     Left-sided heart failure

C.     Pneumonia

D.    Acute respiratory distress syndrome


The signs and symptoms of anemia are all related to what common pathophysiologic feature of the condition?

A.    Increased oxygen consumption by tissues

B.     Decreased blood oxygen content

C.     Vasodilation

D.    A shift in the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve


In addition to hypertension, preeclampsia is characterized by:

A.    Nausea and vomiting

B.     Fatigue and lower back pain

C.     Protein in the urine and edema

D.    Retinal changes and rates in the lungs


Common manifestations of bacterial pneumonia include all of the following except:

A.    Fever

B.     Productive Cough

C.     Tachypnea

D.    Hyperinflation


Closed drainage systems work to re-expand a lung after pneumothorax by:

A.    Re-establishing the normal negative intrapleural pressure.

B.     Creating a positive pressure in the pleural space

C.     Removing excess fluid from the pleural space so that there is room for lung expansion.

D.    Pulling oxygen into distal air sacs to re-expand lung tissue


Patients with chronic renal failure usually exhibit:

A.    Bradycardia

B.     Hypokalemia

C.     Hypocalcemia

D.    Hematomas

The diet of a patient in end-stage kidney disease is restricted in all of the following except:

A.    Fluid

B.     Potassium

C.     Protein

D.    Calories



Which of the following is true of the biological functions of progesterone?

A.    Progesterone is the most important hormone associated with pregnancy.

B.     Progesterone directs male sexual characteristics.

C.     Levels of progesterone increases if the egg is not fertilized.

D.    Levels of progesterone remain stable if the egg is not fertilized.


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