HS 225 WEEK 1 Case Management Standards Assignment

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HS 225 WEEK 1 Case Management Standards Assignment

HS 225 WEEK 1 Case Management Standards Assignment

Case Management Standards Assignment Resource: National Association of Social Workers website

Navigate to the National Association of Social Workers website.

  1. Click on Practice & Professional Development.
  2. Click Practice.
  3. Locate the NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management.
  4. Review the NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management.
  5. Compile a list of 3-5 of the standards for case management that you discovered.

Write an essay of 350- to 700-words detailing your finding, consider the importance of case management as you pursue your AA degree, keeping in mind there is a difference between social work and human services, but case management principles are universal.

Answer the following questions within your work:

  1. Why do you feel case management must have standards?
  2. Which standards seemed to be the most sensible?
  3. Is there anything you feel was left out?

Submit to the Case Management Standards Assignment Assignment Files tab.

HS 225 WEEK 1 Student Reflection

Select one video from this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

Write a 1- to 2-paragraph paper summarizing the main points of the video.

Relate your paper to this week’s objectives.

Submit your paper to the Assignment Files tab

HS 225 WEEK 1 Case Management Ticker

Resource: Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) website.

Review the Commission for Case Manager Certification

Write a list of 3- to 5-items detailing the function and purpose of the certification. Consider your personal interest in pursuing this certification? Consider the importance of this as you pursue your AA degree and make career choices.

Include in the summation a response to each of the options above.

Submit to the Assignment Files tab.

HS 225 WEEK 1 Case Management Workbook

Review Chapter 1 of the Generalist Case Management Workbook.

Navigate to the Practice Exercises.

Complete Exercise 2, 3 and 5.

Write your exercise answers in a Microsoft® Word® document.

Submit your document to the Assignment Files tab.

Policy and Procedure Requirements for All Case Management Programs
Each case management organization must have written policies and procedures.
They provide case management services, for example. 
It is necessary to provide policies and procedures to
Employees of the program will have access to the AIDS Institute on site. 
Using the Case of the AIDS Institute
As guide, use the Management Standards (Section 4) and the policy and procedure handbook for both.
Unless otherwise noted, supportive and comprehensive case management must contain the following.
at bare minimum:
Design of the Program


Case Management Model(s) – the case management model(s) that the program will deliver.


The AIDS Institute has given their approval. 
If both supportive and comprehensive case management are used, the outcome will be positive.


to be provided, specify the procedure for assigning clients to specific group.


model, and how customers will be moved from one model to another when their service level rises.


Changes are required. 
Describe the process for case management if the program only offers one model.


If client’s needs do not reach or exceed the model’s service level, the customer will be referred to another program.




Eligibility and Enrollment Procedures – criteria for case management eligibility.


The case management program’s services and method for determining client eligibility.


List paperwork and procedures based on the funding source’s eligibility requirements.


Verifying the client’s eligibility is essential.


Case Management Services Consent – policy ensuring that case management services are provided.


Each client consents to receive case management on voluntary basis. 
Describe the procedure for


At the time of intake/brief assessment, get written client consent for case management services. 


To be used as consent form. 
The consent form must provide description of the case management services that are available.


as well as the ability to refuse any or all case management services.


Crisis Intervention — protocol for dealing with client emergencies both during and outside of professional hours. 
Include specific crisis intervention services for clients available during non-business hours.


as well as the procedure for informing customers about these services. 
Describe the procedure for evaluating clients.


Identify who requires customized crisis plans and provide them with the necessary resources.


Describe the type of staff training that will be provided.


Documentation – methods for creating and recording client’s case record: 
1) drafted


All client contacts or case management activity on the client’s behalf should be documented in progress notes.


2) the appropriate forms; and 3) signatures and dates of service by all staff members. 
Which documents are you referring to?


will necessitate supervisory review and approval (i.e. evaluation forms, etc.)


Case closure paperwork, reassessments, and so on). 
Describe the policies for protecting and securing personal information.


Client information is protected from unauthorized access.




Consumer Confidentiality – policy in accordance with New York State HIV regulations.


Confidentiality Law protects the privacy of all HIV-related information disclosed or transmitted.


In the course of providing client services, obtained the following information. 
Include demand for customer consent in writing.


to make HIV-related information public, as well as bar on subsequent publication without explicit permission


consent of the client (see DOH form 2257, HIPAA Compliant Authorization for Treatment, for more information).


Release of Confidential HIV-related Information and Medical Information


(Forms can be found at http://www.nyhealth.gov/diseases/aids/forms). 
general policy and process should be included in policies and procedures.


various safeguards to ensure confidentiality (e.g., safeguarding case documents, holding meetings)


Privacy, waiting spaces, agency letter return addresses, and so forth).


Client Responsibilities and Rights – (recommended, not required) 
an outline that has been discussed with


clients at the start of services, establishing common program and client expectations


While providing case management services, you should act in professional manner.


Consumer Grievance – the actions client can take to file complaint, as well as the grievance procedure.


To react to grievance, employees must do the following steps. 
Include the people who are in charge, as well as the documentation that is required.


The review procedure, the appeals process, the time limitations, and the policy on maintaining confidentiality are all things to consider.


and the procedure for informing the client and staff of the conclusion


Consumer Input – method of gathering client opinions and input on existing and future projects.


Consumer Advisory Boards, focus groups, and other services are among the program’s offerings.


Surveys of customer satisfaction 
Include the duration and frequency of activities in your plan.


Procedure for submitting data into URS, the AIDS Institute’s Uniform Reporting System.


System of Reporting 
Include the person(s) in charge, as well as the frequency and duration for data entry.


Internal data evaluation and reporting to the AIDS Institute are both part of the procedure.


Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance – process that the agency will use to assess the quality of its products.


Case management services and enhancements are available. 
Describe your Quality Assurance strategy.


providing procedures for reviewing case files on regular, random, or peer basis, as well as administrative procedures.


The case management program is being reviewed. 
Outline quality-improvement plan that includes the following:


involvement of accountable individual(s), personnel, and customers in quality activities, development, and maintenance


Measurement of important indicators, analysis of outcomes, and quality improvement implementation


Policy and procedures must adhere to the AIDS Institute’s Quality Standards.


(For more information, go to http://www.hivguidelines.org/public html/qocprogram/qoc improvement standard.htm.)
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